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Klassewerks in Los Angeles has over a decade of Paint Protection Film Installation experience. Our factory certified installers have thousands of hours of installation experience on a wide variety of vehicles. Contact us to receive your quote for your paint protection package.

Why Get Paint Protection Film?

Protect your vehicle’s original paint before it’s too late! Whether it’s a standard white Honda, a bespoke British Racing Green Aston Martin, or anything in between, no aftermarket paint job will match the quality, longevity, consistency, and resale value of your vehicle’s original paint finish.

We offer the following packages to meet your needs:

  • Partial Front End: Front bumper, partial hood & fenders (24″)
  • Full Front End: Front bumper, full hood, full fenders, side mirrors, headlights, and foglight
  • “Track Pack”: Full front end PLUS rocker panels and A-pillars
  • Full Vehicle: Every painted surface on your vehicle

Why choose Klassewerks?

This upset customer brought us a brand new Tesla Model Y that was protected with a full front end clear bra by another “high-end” PPF shop. We removed the lifting, poorly trimmed film that was full of debris & other blemishes and installed fresh Suntek Ultra PPF on the front end of this car and our client was thrilled with the outcome! We wrap edges where possible, make sure that seams are butted together as close as possible, and take the extra mile to make sure the clear bra looks clear! Get the job done right the first time with Klassewerks.

What Is Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film, commonly referred to as “clear bra”, protects your vehicle’s paint surface with a crystal clear urethane film and an integrated hydrophobic, automotive-grade top coat. Not only does PPF act as a barrier between your paint and rock chips, it also increases stain and UV resistance… but there’s more! The new generation of PPF leverages self-healing properties to prevent swirl marks, bird dropping residue, water spots, and more from hindering the clarity of the paint. Simply wash the vehicle, let it sit in the sun, and watch the minor imperfections disappear, it’s like magic!

SunTek Ultra

Long gone are the days of bulky, thick, clear bras that yellow and crack over time. Our SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film is backed by a 10-year warranty! It measures 8 mils thick which prevents most rock chips from chipping the painted surface. With an automotive-grade clear coat integrated into the film, SunTek Ultra even enhances the gloss of your paint while protecting it from UV rays for many years to come. The goodness doesn’t stop here! SunTek Ultra leverages the latest PPF manufacturing technology to offer SELF-HEALING capabilities. That’s right, most of those pesky swirl marks and light scratches will disappear naturally under the sun!

SunTek Ultra Matte

Have a factory matte paint job? Want to turn your boring gloss paint job into a stealth-like finish that accentuate your vehicle’s striking body lines? SunTek Ultra also comes in a matte finish! Enjoy the protective qualities of PPF while maintaining or converting to a matte finish.

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