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Do You Need Paint Correction Before Ceramic Coating?

Most vehicles need a paint correction before ceramic coating, even one the just rolled off the showroom floor. A professional multi-stage paint correction not only removes the imperfections and enhances the gloss, but also preps the finish to deliver a high-performing coating. Due to the semi-permanent nature of ceramic coatings, it is recommended to correct the paint prior to application of the coating.

Why Our Paint Correction Service is the Best in Los Angeles?

Extreme Lighting to Standardize Concours-Level Results

In our shop, lighting is at its extreme. When you come to our shop for paint correction, we will inspect and process your car under 800 light-bulb-equivalent lighting. Our technicians do not have the chance to miss a single scratch or a hazing hologram.

Custom Tools and Set-up to Deliver Unmatched Results

We do not limit ourselves to the available tools on the market. Instead, we develop our own tools and set-up to create the best results ever possible. When you come to our shop, you will understand what we mean.

Multi-Stage Approach

We provide by far the most advanced paint correction services in LA County. Unlike the competition, we do not limit ourselves to a 3-stage paint correction, especially when the paint is very rough and a 6-stage method has the potential to deliver superior results.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections from an automotive clear coat (or single-stage color coat). It can be a 1 to 6-stage process.  However, the paint thickness must be taken into account to ensure the correction process does not compromise the finish. We start with the least abrasive polish and work our way up the abrasion scale to maximize optical clarity while limiting risk.


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