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Klassewerks is your Premier Nano-Ceramic Paint Coating installer in Los Angeles. Delivering the highest in quality, yet affordable in price. Klassewerks has many years of ceramic coating experience.

What is Ceramic Coating?

As cars evolve, so too do the ways we maintain and protect them. Long gone are the days of hand waxing paint every other wash, ceramic coatings revolutionize the way to protect and seal paint. Ceramic coatings form high-solid inorganic layer. Like glass, they are silica (SiO2) based, which reflects into the end-use properties, such as chemical inertness and hardness (9H hardness rating). Due to the high inorganic content and the lack of self-leveling ability, ceramic coating can only be carefully applied by hand in a controlled environment, so it is not the ideal DIY project. After a 24-hour curing period, the coating transforms into a super-slick inorganic shell that seals the paint and dramatically enhances its chemical and physical properties.

What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating not only gives automotive paint a candy-like look but also changes the surface energy of the outermostpaint surface. One of the main benefits is the hydrophobic properties that help prevent dirt and chemicals etching into the paint and eases the maintenance process. Simply pressure wash the surface and watch the paint shine back to life!

Our professional ceramic coatings are chemically stable and do not break down under harsh conditions. The hard shell the coating builds aids resistance to scratching (due to slickness) and protects the paint against UV rays and oxidation.

Is Ceramic Coating Permanent?

Ceramic coatings are semi-permanent in nature. Rather than having to wax the paint every other car wash to keep it protected, a ceramic coating will remain on the surface for up to 5+ years depending on the type of coating used. For this reason, a paint correction is highly recommended before applying a ceramic coating as imperfections will be more challenging to polish out of a coated surface. It also ensures that the ceramic coating bonds to a cleaner surface for maximum longevity. 

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